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    LETTER OF UNDERSTANDING AUGUST 22, 2021 ​ We’re passionate about helping bands find their creative voice. Founded in 2021, www.QRTHEBAND.COM aims to help our clients thrive in a hyper-competitive environment. We’re here to make your life easier. ​ www.QRTHEBAND.COM is a platform that assists musicians in earning a decent living by providing the audience with the ability to support musicians or charitable and non-profit organizations. QR CODES are widely utilizes at restaurants, bars, concert venues and they provide a safe and secure path to helping others. ​ We have created a Beta example to illustrate this to you and your peers how the service can achieve the above goals. ​ Please scan the QR CODE below and click on the menu to find examples of band pages from some of your fellow musicians and artists or perhaps your own. Please note the platform is designed to assist you in promoting yourself or your cause with the ease of the QR code system. ​ In order to complete your registration and to receive funds we will need to have your email address. QR THE BAND retains 5% of the funds raised to cover associated ecommerce, maintenance fees such Stripe TM and management. We encourage our clients to register with Apple Music to enable QRTHEBAND.COM to include the link on the welcome page, a link to the website/Facebook page and a YouTube or sharable video format. ​ There is no commitment and your profiles on the demonstration will be removed anytime at your request. CONFIRM EMAIL ADDRESS Back

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